When it comes to all-inclusive packages, exotic beach destinations and luxury cruise liners come to mind. However, as the concept of travel evolves and the presence of every individual continues to differ, these organized packages are often unsuited to travelers seeking new, exciting, authentic travel encounters. That is to say, cruise liners and beach resorts are increasingly common, while the new kid on the block – river cruises – offers an entirely alternative experience.

Featuring plenty of complimentary drinks, delicious food, and multiple destinations; river cruises are often compared to ocean cruises but the truth is, they offer a great way for South Africans to invest their hard earned Rand while offering a huge amount of value which simply cannot be found through any other kind of experience.

The rising popularity of river cruises in Europe

While the previously mentioned cruiseliners are known for extravagance and lavish entertainment, the river cruise is without casinos, shopping arcades, or grand nightly shows. However, this is certainly an aspect of river cruising which appeals to many travelers. After all, the same all-inclusive amenities are still available such as wine, beer, soft drinks and meals, while even shore excursions are included with many packages.

As for the accommodation, the standard varies depending on the size of the boat but in a general sense, the room quality is extremely high. At the same time, there are still two room suites and even balconies on some river cruises with the stunning CriosiEurope setting a new standard in terms of pricing and consequently value, across the river cruise industry in recent times.

In fact, such is the value of their cruises, CroisiEurope are now the largest River Cruise company in Europe. Featuring an impressive fleet of river boats, and barges, CroisiEurope River Cruises now offer European holidays on the Danube, and Rhine rivers, as well as travelling through iconic destinations such as Gironde and Bordeaux. Furthermore, the variety and number of these cruises is unparalleled meaning whatever the destination, there is most likely a river cruise which includes it as part of an itinerary.

Please keep in mind, we are now within the booking period for river cruises all over Europe and given this sudden rise in popularity, advanced booking is always recommended. While prices may vary, the above mentioned CroisiEurope is also considered the best value for money in the industry.

But who goes on a river cruise in Europe?

In many ways, it feels wrong to compare an ocean cruise with a river cruise but with it being such a relatively new concept, it is also important to outline how they differ from each other.

While an ocean cruise has several destinations on any itinerary, they always stop in a port which is often quite a distance from the centre of town. On the contrary, a river cruise will usually leave you right on the doorstep of the main attractions with little more to do, than step of the boat.

River Cruises also seem to be attracting a slightly different clientele, travelers who tried ocean cruising and want something different or most often, travelers who would rather feel immersed in a destination rather than sit in a casino half way out to sea. Either way, river cruising is a slow journey, which manages to avoid all the noise and escape from all the crowds.

You can forget about waiting in line with hundreds of fellow cruisers or strategizing as to when you can sit down for meals. River Cruises have a convenient setup to accommodate every passenger, at any time, while the river is not the ocean so you can also forget about the prospect of seasickness.

The hidden value on CroisiEurope River Cruises

Lastly, the above mentioned CroisiEurope River Cruises may be a newcomer to the South African market, but they have outdone their peers by offering the same experience at a fraction of the cost. In fact, with so much included in the cost of a river cruise, you will find genuine value for your Rand and the ideal way to nullify the exchange rates involved with paying for attractions in Europe.

Furthemore, while most river cruises (not Croisieurope) may still be priced quite a bit higher than the standard ocean cruise, the true value of a river cruise is more intrinsic in a sense that you are investing in a different experience, with a personal touch and the perfect way to combine a destination with the truly unique aspect of this kind of experience – life on the river.

Are you thinking about a River Cruise? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we can assist you with options and travel itineraries to help you plan for the occasion!

Updated – September 2018

Mark Buck is the Managing Director of United Europe Travel Services (Pty) Ltd, a travel wholesaler based in South Africa

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    1. Hi Rordon,

      There are a couple of ways to get information to you – we could send you a brochure of all of the River Cruises (we would need a physical address) or you could visit http://www.croisieurope.travel for all of the details about all cruises, locations and sailings.

      If you have an idea of the country or river you would like to visit and the time fo year, please let me know and I will have someone draw up some offers for you.

      This is a superb product, value that you will find nowhere else, let me know how we can help further.


      United Europe


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